We are a professional handyman service! We operate with the utmost integrity. Due to our core values, our customer retention rate is nearly 100%. Along with our professional service, we follow all regulatory requirements, including general liability insurance, workers compensation, licensing, and being fully bonded. This protects both the homeowner and the business owner. If one of our employees has an incident on your premises, it will be covered by our liability insurance or worker’s comp. Our employees are fully covered in the event of a personal injury, you can rest assured that if someone trips and falls on your property, they will be taken care of, not by you. The right to do business in California. Our business formation is an LLC, which in California makes us follow a higher standard. Much like full coverage on your auto policy.

Class B-2 Residential Remodeling Contractor License: CA #1108518


Cory Peebles Owner of Toolin Around Handyman Bakersfield Handyman Services
Established in 2021.
We, Cory & Nicole, decided it was time to become entrepreneurs and build a business that suited our lifestyle and enabled us to set our schedule to maximize our family time while raising our three children. We have met so many great people and customers in our community that have kept us busy and supported us in building our business. Our team of handymen has also played a huge part in the success of our business due to their dedication and diligence. When you work with Toolin Around, whether you are an employee or a customer, you are the reason for our achievements within our business.

Meet the Manager

I am a natural problem solver, and I genuinely enjoy helping people. This business allows me to do both on a daily basis. Most customers call because they are having issues with their home and can’t resolve them on their own. When the job is complete, it is such a great feeling to take a step back and take pride in a job well done. The bonus to it all is the interaction with the customer. At my arrival, there is a feeling of worry, and I need this fixed. By the end of the repair, the smile and calm indicate that things are back to normal. This is what makes this career enjoyable for me and being able to influence a customer’s mindset through our services. The gratitude we receive is what continually feeds our drive for success.